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Resolution Worth Keeping

This is the time of year when people decide what goals they’d like to achieve, trips they’d like to take, and other great things they’d like to see come into fruition in the coming months by making resolutions. This is also usually the time when most people look back on the year and realize those accomplishments and failures they made in not reaching those goals. I’m definitely a victim of this; and while I see resolutions (and the now popular vision boards) amazing, I’ve realized that most of my resolutions only help me. I know it’s important to want better for ourselves, but how can we use our achievements and self discoveries to help others and be less selfish?

I must admit, I did a pretty good job on my personal vision board for the year and actually saw results, but my main resolutions for 2016 were to go to the beach once and month and read a book once a month. I know.. very simple goals, but I wanted to make sure the reading materials would actually help to grow me in different areas, see things from a fresh perspective, and ultimately help me to help others more.

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Small Business Anyday

Enough with the teasing already… The Michelle Capsule Collection is officially ready for your shopping appetite! Take a look at the story and inspiration behind the collection here.

Michelle is our first available collection and it includes your lingerie and lounge necessities: a Bralet, Culotte, Robe, and a Garter (for fun). I hope you all enjoy browsing the shop and find something you may like. If nothing else, I hope it leaves you inspired and you’ll come back for our future collections.

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A Meaningful Trip To Atlanta

Georgia has been on my list of places to visit for a while. I remember driving through various states on vacations with my family, Georgia being one of them, but we would rarely stop there. I decided to take my husband for his birthday and stay optimistic for another great trip, but to be honest, I thought most of it would be boring and we’d mainly be able to see trees. We did see tons of trees, but to my surprise, there were so many things to do and so many places that we needed to see to bring us to a place within ourselves we never knew how to fully express.

Atlanta has opened my eyes to so much more than Ponce City Market, friendly people, Peidmont Park, and fried green tomatoes at Egg Harbor Cafe, which are amazing by the way. It opened my eyes to love and the passion and willingness to see it through.

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Michelle Garter Now Available + Give Away

I’m so excited that the Michelle Garter is available for purchase which means the shop is officially open! Go check it out. Putting on the garter I made for our wedding day made getting dressed for the occasion feel a bit more real. It is a beautiful touch to any bride’s wedding day and even a great giftable item.

I am so grateful that I have the ability to sew and come up with different designs while being able to bring them to life. After teaching sewing classes and plenty of conversations about sewing, I know many people who would like to do the same by learning this skill.

Because of this, the first giveaway will be a tutorial on how you could sew your own garter. If you wanted to add your own flare to this garter or use your own fabrics/colors, you can now do so with the provided instructions.

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A Trip to Key West

Traveling is always nice in order to relax and enjoy some free time, but learning about the history of where you are going seems like such a greater return on investment. Simply because of this, going to Key West was a treat and I’ll definitely be returning. The greatest part about the history of this city is that you can see it. You don’t necessarily have to take a tour because everything is right in front of you. I felt as though I was living out of a black and white image.

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Ladies Who Brunch

It’s so important to be around like minded individuals who are driven and will continue to motivate you to make your dreams a reality. Owning a creative business has it’s ups and downs. One of the downs, I believe, is that sometimes it can be difficult to take the time out to go ahead and give (and receive) the encouragement you need.

I recently had the chance to be intentional in this area and meet other creatives and bloggers for an intimate brunch.

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The Best is Yet to Come

I’m so excited that the time has finally come to make this blog and clothing line live. Countless amount of hours were spent to make this website look and feel the way it should. Hard work went into each design and pattern in order for bare reverie to come alive (there will be another post for when the collection is available). There is so much preparation that needs to come before something big (or little, like our brand) can come about and it’s really been making me reflect on 1 Corinthians 2:9-10.

‘What no eye has seen,

What no ear has heard,

and what no human mind has conceived -‘

the things God has prepared for those who love him-

I have no idea what will come from this idea that was birthed from the creativity I was given, but the word gives me hope and encouragement that the best really is yet to come. The best is something that I can’t even imagine, only what God has already prepared. I hope this brand and blog will give me a chance to get to know the ones who read along and see the plans prepared for those as well.

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