Midnight Blue/Black Louise Night Gown

Midnight Blue/Black Louise Bralet & High Waist Panty

Midnight Blue/Black Louise Ruffle Robe


The Louise collection is for the woman who carries it all and does not do it in vain. This woman has texture, just like the bamboo cotton and French Chantilly lace combination this collection brings. At first glance, the combination may look like a mixture of rough and delicate, but once it is worn, the wearer will feel how soft, comfortable and easy the pieces are to wear.

Greater love has no one than this, that someone lay his life for his friends. -John 15:13

Louise has a genuine display of loving others.

All I’ve know my grandmother to be is a giver. Her life’s work has been to lay her life down for others. An immigrant to a new country, she has never forgotten to pay it forward to others who have been in her place. Her home, always smelling of spices from the kitchen, is open to all who need a home base as they find their way back to their calling.

I am a result of my grandmother’s prayers.

Today, in her golden years, she continues to share the love of God in her home as well as in Haiti. Her heart is pure as she travels to and from Haiti to clothe, feed, and encourage her people. She tells me stories of how she has to meticulously plan her travels and how she has to carry everything with her. “If you are going to help, be prepared to bring everything you have; rice, clothes, strength, everything.” Her hard work is a reminder for me of the generations before her who have carried us to this point; laying the foundation for us to continue the journey and carry that love to others. 

This collection released December 2020.

My amazing grandmother has since passed in December 2021. May she Rest In Peace.