Golden Glow Sadie Body Suit

Golden Glow Sadie Off Shoulder Top and Short

Golden Glow Sadie Turband


This bright collection captures the essence of Sadie, any woman full of youth, joy, and light. Summer seems to be the season where most women feel comfortable and available enough to explore the world and themselves. It’s the perfect season to vacation or relax and not let pressures and responsibilities control your movements in life. This collection symbolizes the woman that wants to have fun. The organic bamboo cotton makes the styles comfortable and breathable, while the designs make this an effortlessly flirty group.

This collection is inspired by my god daughter.

Sadie is a gorgeous, intelligent girl with current dreams of becoming a superhero, ballerina, and painter. And why not? She has the true innocence of a child but she doesn't let that stop her. She doesn't think that she needs to become “a grown up” in order to conquer the world with those dreams. She's already had ballet recitals and set up her own art gallery where she sold plenty of her pieces. As far as being a superhero -- there are always birthday parties right? Seeing life through the eyes of a child is an interesting experience. It makes you think of the times when you would think the same way and reminds you that you still can.

Don’t let anyone look down on you because you are young. -1 Timothy 4:12

This verse rings true not only if you are young, but if you are old, an artist or doctor, experienced or a newbie. Replace the word ‘young’ with anything people categorize you as and make it a point in your life to know that you are more than what people may think or stereotype that thing as. What I love about Sadie and people like her, is that they know their worth. They know they’ve been created with important tasks during their time on this earth even if they’re not sure what that may be. I wanted to create a collection as freeing and worthy of that knowledge. Something that would embody the feeling you get when you have the chance to explore that aspect of your life and live a little.

So, to all the “Sadies” out there, this collection is for you. Keep on dreaming. Keep on exploring. Put in the work.

This collection released May 2020.